Don’t eat too much!


3 kinds of diseases will be eaten out

Don’t eat too much!
3 kinds of diseases will be eaten out

When the Chinese met and greeted each other, they all 鈥渆at it鈥?
, explaining the people’s understanding of eating.

“A random survey found that everyone has had the experience of eating and supporting, almost people said that almost every day when eating too much.
鈥?銆€銆€When people eat too much, they are more common in the following.

The first is the buffet.

The choice of food is rich, coupled with enough mentality to eat enough, so that many people dubbed “Hungry to help the wall, eat the wall.”

The second is the business banquet. Because it lasts for a long time, it is too boring to sit still. It can only be eaten without stopping.

The third is a gathering of friends, with wine and meat plus a good mood, and finally the belly is round.

The fourth is that the work is too busy to eat too fast.

It takes 20 minutes from the beginning of eating to the brain to receive a full meal. Many people usually solve the meal in less than 10 minutes. This situation is also easy to eat.

The fifth is that the pressure is too great. Many people have irregular diets. Only on a slightly relaxed evening can they have a good meal and it is very easy to eat.

銆€銆€In ancient times, in addition to digestion, the stomach also played a reserve function. It was no problem to eat a full meal for three days. Now people eat every day, and eat well, if a person’s stomach can hold 1 kg per day.The food, just fill in half, is enough for its day.

Otherwise, it will only overload the body and cause a series of health problems.

銆€銆€1, obesity.

The high-fat and high-protein foods that modern people often eat are more difficult to digest. The excess “nutrition” accumulates in the body, and the consequences are more than a series of rich diseases.

“A myriad of scientific studies have confirmed that obesity can bring cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, mild liver, arteriosclerosis, cholecystitis, etc., together with the complications that may accompany, may reach hundreds, very terrible.
鈥?”Hong Zhaoguang said.

銆€銆€2, stomach disease: Zhang Shengsheng said that the direct harm caused by eating too much is the increased burden of the stomach, indigestion.

In addition, the life span of human gastric mucosal epithelial cells is improved and should be repaired every 2-3 days.

If the upper meal is not digested, the lower part fills the stomach, the stomach is always in a state of fullness, and the gastric mucosa is not easy to get a chance to repair. The stomach secretes a large amount of gastric juice, which will destroy the gastric mucosa, the barrier, and produce stomach inflammation and indigestion.Symptoms, long-term past, may also occur stomach erosion, stomach ulcers and other diseases.

銆€銆€Third, inertia disease: Chinese Taiwan scientists found that temporary intervention in the first level, will cause intestinal cramps, stool black, with blood.