One stroke to get acupuncture by motion sickness and vomiting


One stroke to get acupuncture by motion sickness and vomiting

Many people have problems with motion sickness, and they are often accompanied by vomiting, which prevents the ear points from being very effective in motion sickness and vomiting.

銆€銆€Causes of motion sickness and vomiting Motion sickness has a great relationship with the human body vestibular balance organs.

The vestibular organ is an important organ that maintains the balance function of the human body.

When the car is started, running or braking, the person’s vestibule is stimulated, and people with motion sickness are prone to vestibular dysfunction and then cause autonomic dysfunction.

The autonomic nerves have a dominating effect on the peristalsis of the adrenal smooth muscle. When the autonomic nerve function is distorted, the smooth muscle of the turbine will clog or reverse creep, and vomiting will occur.

In addition, there are some receptors on the inner wall of the stomach. When the car is moving, these receptors will be pulled, which will also lead to gradual tilting of the muscles and vomiting.

銆€銆€When you feel uncomfortable by car, stop the ear acupuncture: stomach.

This acupoint is located where the ear of the ear disappears. When the stomach ulcer contracts, the acupoint will have obvious tenderness.

It should be noted that the ear acupuncture is generally an area rather than a point. In this area, if you look carefully with a probe or a fingertip, you will find that the tenderness of a certain point is relatively slight. This is the point we are looking for.

銆€銆€When the acupoints are pressed to stimulate the “stomach”, the fingertips of the fingers are pressed vertically on the acupuncture points, and the force is from small to large, and the person with motion sickness can endure.

The tip acupoint continues to suppress 3?
5 minutes, rest 2 minutes later and press again or change the acupuncture points on the other side of the ear.

Be careful not to use nail files when anesthesia, so as not to damage your skin.

銆€銆€After the reaction after pressing the auricular point is affected by the gastric reflex zone, there will be obvious pain in the initial ear and it will only produce significant pain before it can be effective.

Then, after one or two times of continuous pressurization, there will be a feeling of pantothenic acid in the stomach or a few sour sputum, and the feeling of vomiting will be obviously relieved or disappeared, indicating that the stomach cramp has been relieved.

銆€銆€Mechanism of inserting ear acupuncture to treat motion sickness and vomiting There are more than 90 acupuncture points on the human ear. These acupuncture points are mostly the reaction points of the internal organs on the ear, and these reaction points are stimulated to have two-way adjustment effects on the corresponding organs.

The so-called two-way adjustment function means that when the function of the organ is excessively hyperactive, the stimulation of these reaction points can adjust the function to the inhibition to restore the normal state; when the function of the organ is insufficient, the stimulation of these reaction points can adjust the function to the excitability.To return it to normal.

The mechanism of spitting into the ear cavity to implant the motion sickness is to relieve the normal muscle peristalsis by restoring the relevant muscle acupoint contraction or reverse peristaltic state, thereby achieving the purpose of therapeutic spitting; elimination, auricular replacement is generallyThere is more obvious pain, and the stimulation of pain promotes the diverting of people’s attention and slows down the discomfort caused by motion sickness.

銆€銆€Precautions for preventing motion sickness and vomiting1.

Ensure adequate sleep before you travel.


Try not to eat before you ride.


You can take metoclopramide, morphine and other drugs half an hour before getting on the bus.


You can choose the seat in the front row to take a seat, and you can distract yourself by chatting with people or listening to music.