Don’t destroy your body at the age of the most health


Don’t destroy your body at the age of the most health

The real health is the physiology; the healthy body, the open-minded mind.

The most healthy age destroys your body from the compassionate reading club 00:0009:58 Click on the green label above to listen to the recent big fire. The movie “I am not a drug god” that makes us have to think about it.One question: Is money important or health more important?

Rich people are reluctant, people who have no money can’t look down on the disease, and they have become the health management method that everyone knows best.

As a result, a large number of people eat health products while not eating on time; while painting the most expensive skin care products while staying up late; while staying up late, pray that they should not die.

This kind of life-long lifestyle can only be regarded as self-consolation.

The correct health should be as described in the Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic: due to the preface of the day, health in time.

The true sense of health is to let it go, to be natural, to raise the body of nature.

The right health care is to adapt to your own body and life. I don’t know when to start, and more and more young people around us are beginning to gradually start health care.

It is more appropriate to report this personal trainer’s course at the gym; what brand of red dates is better for the cup; it is more effective to buy which brand of health care products.

.Health is no longer a patent for middle-aged and elderly people, and it has become a craze among young people.

However, do we really know what is the right health?

The right health care is not blindly eating organic vegetables, drinking health tea, eating health care products is as simple as it is, but adapting to your body and life.

Zhuangzi mentioned in the “Healthy Master”: “The governor thinks that the classics can be preserved, can be all-born, can raise relatives, and can be used for years.”

He tells us through the story of Kenting’s solution to the cow. Only by mastering the body structure of the cow and obeying the objective law to slaughter the cow can we achieve “there are some people in the festival, and the blade is not thick, and there is no thickness.”There is a lot of room for it.

“The technique of Kenting’s solution to cattle is so superb because he can find the law and follow its rules in the intricate structure of the cow.

In order to achieve “protection, whole life, raising relatives, all the year”, just like Kenting, the law of the body has been changed, and the governor has changed the life of the gasification section.

The way to keep in good health is to go with the flow, not blind, not to behave, to preserve the nature.

My friend’s colleague, after graduating from a prestigious school, went to work for a Fortune 500 company. The income in the first-tier cities was moderate, but his pressure was particularly high. Every month’s mortgage, car loan, child’s tuition fee, parental support,The family’s expenditures, etc., these pressures make him afraid to rest easily.

For him, staying up late to work overtime is a common thing, even if you have a fever, you can not rest easily.

For him, he can work without rest, can rest and never waste time to exercise.

He was afraid that if he stopped, he could not support the whole family.

Under long-term pressure, he finally died in the night of overtime work, leaving a young man.

Everyone’s health is traceable. Only according to the law of body growth, when working, the nutrition should be supplemented when the nutrition is added, and the sleep should be taken to save life.

Following a healthy lifestyle and adapting to your body and life is the best way to continue your life.

The best health is not a life-saving, instead of tossing up your modern society, the pace of life is getting faster and faster, the work pressure is getting bigger and bigger, many people are busy with work, no time to exercise, the body is rigid, easy to get sick or even have no life.

I have read a news that a 15-year-old boy from the United States, Lehler, suffered from Hawking’s lymphoma, from the original 70 kg to 40 kg.

He has a strong desire to be born, he does not want to sit still, so he insists on exercising every day.

He is physically weak and he insists on exercise for at least two hours a day.

He was tired of sweat in the cold winter. Sometimes he was tired, he continued to hold the railing and stood up. He would never give up in less than two hours.

The family feels distressed and says that he toss his body.

It is because he constantly toss himself, he slowly recovered his health by exercising and defeated the disease.

The human body and the electrical appliance are the same. If the electrical appliance is not used for a long time, it will become bad. If people do not exercise, the body will be broken.

No matter how old people are, they must know how to manage their bodies and exercise.

Life is in motion, and reasonable tossing is exercise.

People who are sick need exercise, and people who are not sick need exercise.
People only constantly toss themselves, so as to achieve physical fitness and reduce the pressure of life.
The best health care, not to know how to cherish life after illness, but not to the health, should be more reasonable to toss yourself in health.

Health care is in the heart of the World Health Organization: Humans have entered the “spiritual era” from the “physical disease era”.

Angry and hurt the liver, like sad, sad lungs, thinking about hurting the spleen, fear of hurting the kidney, the most important thing to maintain health is to raise the heart.

Yu Qiyuan, a professor at Huazhong Agricultural University, has lived 101 years old. He said that one of the secrets of his longevity is a good attitude.

Professor Yu Qiyuan has been in a lifetime of twists and turns. He has been decentralized because of family composition, but he still maintains a good attitude.

No matter how big or small things are, they are calm and calm.

From Hong Kong to the mainland to teach at the university, one heart is on the teaching and learning, and it is sincere and open-minded to communicate with others.

Nowadays, the old man is still happy, and his wife, 94-year-old Ling Meiwen also said that when he saw his wife, his heart was nourished, and the usual trivial life became more and more interesting.
Yes, people who know how to protect their spiritual homes can still maintain their initial heart and nourish their hearts in a complex society, and at the same time pass on a good attitude to those around them.

“Cai Gen Tan” said: “The world is shallow, the dyeing is shallow, the history is deep, and the machinery is deep. Therefore, the gentleman is accompanied by the training, not as simple as the Lu, accompanied by the Qu Jin, not to be mad.

Professor Yu Qiyuanyuan’s life is not a name, not for profit, and he is open-minded and saves his heart. He will not be exhausted every day in order to seek benefits, nor will he behave smoothly for fame and fortune, nor will he not be because of all kinds of things in life.Feeling troublesome.
This is the secret of a hundred years of healthy and longevity.

Some people say that books can raise the spirit and tea can raise the soul.

Those who truly understand health care must be able to hold their initial heart, not be polluted by the secular world, and retain a happy person.

Everyone’s life has a lot of uncertainty. Don’t wait until the body collapses to know the maintenance, and don’t destroy your body at the age of the most healthy.

May you cherish every day of the day, learn to maintain health, and learn to love your life.

Develop a healthy lifestyle, adhere to exercise, know how to nourish the soul and soul, and let life be natural.

Some people say that the real health is the body.

However, in this world, only those who understand their own physical laws, who are born in time, and who follow the trend can do both to maintain their health and to raise their hearts.

I would like to note: (1) Health is in fact regardless of age, and you need to nourish your body at any age.

Our young people always feel that it is something that the elderly are afraid of when they are afraid of death, but unhealthy living habits do make our bodies appear in many situations and are not worth the candle.

Therefore, we must know how to keep your body strong and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

(2) to keep fit, to cultivate morality.

A good attitude is the best health.

How do you get a good attitude?

It is necessary to have something that you like to do, to work happily and even to live, is a good medicine for health.

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