Don’t let the fragrance quietly poison you

Don’t let the fragrance quietly “poison” you

There are many forms of fragrances. Fragrances can also be called 鈥減ublic perfumes鈥?or 鈥渆nvironmental perfumes鈥? although it is not necessarily 鈥渨ater鈥?
銆€銆€The broad-based fragrance includes all products that specifically eliminate the “smelly” and fragrant effects on the environment.
According to the appearance form and the “fragrance” form, they are roughly classified into several types, namely liquid type fragrance, aerosol, gel type fragrance, sublimation type fragrance, plastic type fragrance, incense candle, boiled water type.Aroma, electric diffuser and hygienic fragrance.
銆€銆€Boiled water-type fragrance is a popular indoor fragrance method in recent years — put a few drops of essence in the clear water, the following is heated with a candle fire, and the water brings the fragrance out of the fragrance in a slightly boiling state.
Some people call it “modern incense burner.”
Its shape is diverse, and it is made of ceramics, and young people are eager for it.
The plastic type fragrance is a “fragrance plastic” which is prepared by mixing and compressing a thermoplastic resin having good gas permeability, a fragrance, a plasticizer, etc., and can be made into various shapes and placed in a place such as a home or an office.
銆€銆€姝h鍘傚鐢熶骇鐨勮姵棣欏墏瀵逛汉浣撴棤瀹炽€€銆€缁濆ぇ澶氭暟浜虹浉淇¢椈鍒颁护浜烘剦鎮︾殑棣欏懗瀵逛汉鏈夊ソ澶勶紝浣嗕篃鏈変汉璁や负锛岀幇鍦ㄩ潰甯傜殑鍚勭鑺抽鍓傦紝鍦ㄤ娇鐢ㄤ腑鏄撲骇鐢熶竴浜涢毦浠ラ鏂欑殑鍖栧The reaction may have an adverse effect on the human respiratory tract, skin and central nervous system.
In fact, this statement is a bit alarmist and tends to cause unnecessary panic.
銆€銆€Experts pointed out that the various fragrances currently on the market, in addition to counterfeit and shoddy products, are healthy and safe to the human body.
The fragrances used by regular manufacturers to produce fragrances are carefully studied by perfumers, and a large number of 鈥渇lavoring experiments鈥?have been carried out. The factory has been formulated in strict accordance with the formula prepared by the perfumer.
銆€銆€As long as there is an experiment indicating that a certain spice is too toxic or has a “potential” danger, even if the “the evidence is not sufficient”, the perfumer would rather not use it. The nitro musk spice that was once used in large quantities is currently eliminated.A good example.
Experts suggest that when selecting a fragrance, it is best to buy it in a regular store, so that the quality will be more guaranteed.
銆€銆€Do-it-yourself bathroom “fragrance” According to the classification of perfumers, nature’s various odors can be divided into four types: fruit, grass, powder and honey.
銆€銆€Everyone has a fragrance that they like very much. Is there a fragrance that is “someone loves”?
The answer is yes.
It is generally believed that the scent of some fruits such as apples, pears, sweet oranges, and lemons that grow in the cold temperate zone to the subtropical zone can be favored by most people, and the use of these scent in public places generally does not cause dissatisfaction.
There are many tropical fruits, and the smells of durian, mango, pineapple, guava, lychee, etc. are all loved, some people are afraid, and it is best not to use them in public.
銆€銆€The bathroom is the place where people need to use the fragrance most urgently. The smell of the bathroom is best covered with grassy or fruity. The grassy smell of laundry soap masks the smell of feces and urine odor. The best effect is when pushing mint and staying.Lanxiang, they all belong to grass fragrance.
銆€銆€Cologne can also be used in the bathroom to smell bad, a bottle of cologne can be fragrant for several months.
Most perfumes (regardless of high, medium or low) are not suitable for use in the bathroom, as they contain more or less “animal” spices (such as musk), which will increase the odor of the excrement and the higher the quality.The fragrance of the animal is more fragrant.
銆€銆€In fact, I can also solve the problem of the smell of the bathroom.
Place a cup or small bowl of citric acid (available in chemical stores) on the small shelf of the bathroom. Put a few pieces of soap (to remove the wrapping paper) or laundry soap next to the cup. The acid can absorb and neutralize the ammonia andTrimethylamine, the free base of soap, absorbs hydrogen sulfide, which effectively removes the main odor components in the bathroom.
銆€銆€Different fragrances should be used for different occasions. Different fragrances should be used.
The fragrance in the living room is preferably “warm and romantic”, and roses, jasmine and lily of the valley are the first choice.
銆€銆€Which type of fragrance is used in the bedroom should vary from person to person.
The scent of lavender and sandalwood smells hypnotic before going to sleep.
In addition, Westerners believe that rose scent has a “flirting” effect, and Orientals generally believe that the scent of musk is the most “flavouring”, which may be psychological.
銆€銆€The scent that can be “flirting” with scientific basis is the fragrance of lily of the valley.
Because scientists have confirmed through experiments: human sperm swim faster when they come into contact with the aroma components of lily of the valley.
銆€銆€When you are at work, you can smell the jasmine and lemon scent to improve your work efficiency.
In the summer, you can use the air conditioner to put a box of gel-type fragrance or a cloth with a fragrance on the air outlet of the air conditioner. You can enjoy the same fragrance together.
銆€銆€When you drive, you can smell the cool smell of peppermint.
The fruity aroma of lemon and sweet orange can cover up the smell of gasoline and the smell of sweat from people. It doesn’t get tired for a long time.