Six tricks make you hibernate


Six tricks make you hibernate

After the autumn, the winter is covered, and the weight is soaring in spring, summer, autumn and winter.

銆€銆€In the winter we will dress like a ball and face other players with confidence.

At this time, we are always obsessed with the aunts who cover up under the quilts and thick clothes.

They are trying to stack up and expect to give you a big bag in the spring of next year.

In the winter, people who are determined to lose weight are faced with the cold and cold, and the temptation to warm the arms of their wives.

You know that the morning run of the stars is not something everyone can do. Come on, brothers.

銆€銆€Moderately connivance If you are hungry all day, you are in a state of conflict with an evening meal.

So develop a habit of eating a small amount each time – this will increase your vitality and control your appetite.

A small meal will reduce the capacity of your stomach and make you feel full recovery.

For desserts there is a simple “three-port” rule: a dessert with a teaspoon – this is the first.

Then take a closer look, so the temptation of food is distracted!

銆€銆€Eating in principle Most people are more likely to eat more when they go out to eat. There is a quick guide here.

In the Xinjiang restaurant, avoid the cornmeal salad – it can push you to the abyss of obesity.

Chicken with sauce and pasta such as lasagna are taboo when going to the Italian restaurant.

Condiments are another.

銆€銆€Beware of low-fat traps Degreased or low-fat biscuits and cakes may seem like a way of indulgence without guilt, but stop and look at the label first.

Manufacturers often use more sugar (and calories) to maintain their taste.

In addition, eating some olive oil will resist your appetite, so you won’t eat too much.

銆€銆€Adults with legs and thin abdomen walk an average of 3,000 a day?
5,000 steps; just keep the weight by this ratio.

But if you increase the number of steps to 10,000 steps and you can’t eat too much, then the weight should start to ease.

Change the stairs instead of taking the elevator and take a walk during the lunch break.

銆€銆€Hot pot is also slimming. Now I have a hot pot in this season, but life is a great pleasure, but how to make everyone eat healthy and eat right, but learn.


If you are full, don’t be greedy: Although the cooking of the hot pot does not use oil, it is slightly fried, starch, and hot fried, but it is easy to overdose, especially to the 鈥渆at full鈥?store.


Try to choose fresh food and use less processed products: the picking of hot pot ingredients affects the conversion of hot pot and the content of oil. The processed products such as dumplings and pills have higher fat and salt, and should be reduced.


The seasonings are mainly low in oil and low in salt: a large spoonful of sand tea sauce ingredients are 108 calories, while the dipping sauce made of soy sauce, onion, vinegar and pepper has a relatively reduced content, which is more suitable for weight loss.

If you pay attention to the speed of the bottom of the pot, such as 1,840 calories, 300 calories in Japanese style, and make good use of the above principles, you can definitely spend an unburden autumn and winter.