In the early summer, the elderly comb their hair is good for health


In the early summer, the elderly comb their hair is good for health

The Chaoyang famous doctor Chao Yuanfang pointed out that the hair is smooth and bloody, and the wind is weak and the hair is not white.

Su Dongpo thoroughly understands the hair-promoting sleep. He once said: “There are more than a hundred hair combs, and they are lying down and sleeping until dawn.

“Chinese medicine believes that the meridians are all over the body, the internal and external, the internal and external organs, the interconnection of organs and the coordination of blood and blood, are connected by these meridians.
Human blood passes through the meridians and reaches the whole body, exerting its physiological effects, nurturing tissues and organs, resisting external evils, and defending the body.

The top of the person’s head has a “Baihui point”, which is named because the meridian directly collects the head, or indirectly acts on the head.

And the spring hair comb is very in line with the requirements of spring health, can reach the yang, the stagnation of the stagnation, the stagnation of blood, of course, can also strengthen the body.

銆€銆€Comb health is very particular: the first to comb the whole head, whether in the middle of the head or a pair should be combed from the hair of the forehead to the hair roots behind the neck, each part at least 50 times to have the effect above, the upper limitI feel comfortable.

Second, time is better in the morning, because the morning is when people’s yang rises.

The third is to use a horn comb, a jade comb, and a wooden comb.

In addition to combing the hair, it is better to match the Yongquan point of the foot massage, and the Taichong point is better; if there is a headache, it can be combined with the Hegu point and the Fengchi point of the hand massage; insomnia is combined with the spring of the leg and foot.Acupoints, Sanyinjiao and so on.