Do not use heating as a drying rack in winter


Do not use heating as a drying rack in winter

The heating furnace is probably from the winter.
Home equipment.

In addition to heating, many people also try to make the heating “use the best”: some people dig hollow decoration, some people are on top of hot milk, drying socks, some people use heating as a storage shelf.

In doing so, Song Guangsheng, director of the Environmental Testing Center of the China Interior Decoration Association, reminded everyone that because of the high temperature and high temperature, it is easy to hide the dirt. The following items are best kept away from the heating equipment: do not heat the drying rack to the ventilation hood in winter.

Although the heating cover can hide the heat, it also brings some problems: First, after the heating is covered, it is difficult to reach the designed indoor temperature after being transferred out.

The second is to bring trouble and safety hazards to heating maintenance and repair.

Third, the heating cover is not easy to clean, and it becomes a place where germs and cockroaches live.


Some people like the plastic flower vines wrapped around the heating tube, which not only affects the heat dissipation, but also causes the plastic material to release harmful substances at high temperatures, and is also prone to dust and air.


Many young people are popular to brush the heating tube to the same color as the ventilation, but this paint is very particular: first, the paint is not heat-resistant, easy to fade, can not be brushed; secondly, some brush oven paint blending, silver paint has adverse bodyThe chemical composition should not be used; in the end, the water-based paint that is used to heat the pipe should be used instead of the oil paint because the water-based paint has good heat resistance and good finish and is environmentally friendly.

銆€銆€Furniture appliances.

Heating and bending, sofas, etc., will affect heat dissipation, preferably 10 cm or more.

Computers, TVs, etc. are too close to the oven, and the electronic components in the appliances are also prone to aging.


Some people like to insert used plastic bags between the heating sheets, which dissolves some of the chemical components in the plastic bags, causing harmful components to evaporate into the air.

銆€銆€Wet clothing, wet towels.

Put the wet clothes and towels on the heating sheet. There is indeed a double effect of drying the clothes and humidifying the room. However, the clothes should be rinsed cleanly, otherwise the dirt and detergent will float with the water vapor into the indoor air.

In addition, if the heating is not clean, it is easy to breed bacteria and contaminate clothing.

If it is electric heating, you can’t put the clothes directly on it, otherwise it will affect the heat dissipation, which will cause local overheating, burn out the clothes many times, and may cause fire.


Many people used to put milk and soy milk on the heating tablets in the winter. After a long time, the taste is not good, and it is prone to deterioration or nutrient loss. So don’t heat too long, it is better to take 10 minutes.


You can’t use the bathroom heating sheet as a washing rack. Otherwise, under the baking of the oven, the chemical composition in the toiletries may change, affecting the quality of the bath and even health. In the environment of detachment, the unevenness of the heating sheet is concealed.Scale, placed on the towel above, the pajamas transform the bacteria indirectly to the human body, causing health risks.