NBA’s current fake ball star Griffin is on the list, the first 23-year-old playing like 40 years old!


Health ball

NBA’s current “fake ball star” Griffin is on the list, the first 23-year-old playing like 40 years old!
Health ball

There are many superstars and superstars in the active NBA. Some people contribute a lot to the team, but the personal data is not good enough to be a superstar, and a real superstar must do its own data to exceed the data of others.Also, to ensure that the team’s performance has improved, those who are a little worse than the superstars have been pseudo-fans, their personal data is very good, but the team’s record is very bad.


Little Thomas, one of the active pseudo-stars, was able to score 28 in the 2017 season.

9 points and 2.

7 rebounds 5.

9 assists, that year NBA fans seem to see the shadow of Iverson in the small Thomas, Thomas also held the Celtics in the 2017 season, the playoffs, in the final game of the playoffs,Single scored 53 points, the strength of the superstar, the Celtics can also get the opportunity to sell the small Thomas, then his weaknesses appear, need the ball, not defend, the chance of injury.


Griffin, the 2009 draft pick, personal performance is very good, the strength in the middle of the year, the league title in the career, the average 21.

5 points, this performance did not live up to the champion of the year, but Griffin has a big weakness, need the ball, and only his own data is good, only the game as a person’s battlefield, for the teamAny contribution, especially Griffin, after he got the maximum salary, he was in the air, and he was obsessed with the world of flowers and was forced to trade him.


DeRozan, a rare one-of-a-kind superstar, has spent nine seasons in the Raptors and averaged 19 games in 100 games.

7 points, such data, at present, can be ranked in the top ten of active players. Fans who like DeRozan must know that there will be his single show in few games in the regular season, and they have broken themselves.He scored a maximum of 52 points in a single game. After that, he was sold to the Raptors, although the average field data was as high as 21.

9 points, but his shooting percentage is less than half, and the ball even gets 80% of the whole game.


Green, the 2010 season draft, was selected to the Warriors, Green itself is very good, whether it is offensive, defensive, passing, pitching, Green can have such a thing worth of Curry and Thompson, andDurant, they used their strength and experience to spur Green, but this also led to Green’s ability to lead very poor, very unconfident for his offense, the data is seriously declining.


Wiggins, one of the most controversial players in the NBA league, has experienced two seasons since joining the NBA. At the age of 23, he is already a 40-year-old uncle and he also plays as a team.The core outside line, the friend’s duty is to have eye-catching performance in offensive defense, but he never did the role of a young player. In the post-match statistics, he ran on a court, only 4.

8%, he just works and does not contribute, he is the real active first pseudo-star.