Do not get less sick when you cool down in summer.


Do not get less sick when you cool down in summer.

Summer cooling to do three will not have less cause. Summer weather is hot. Many people will use various methods to help themselves cool down, and Xiaobian wants to tell everyone today that in the summer, everyone wants to cool the body.Be sure to pay attention to the method. Some things must not be done excessively, or else it will endanger your health.

First, don’t eat a lot of cool food. The first thing you want to tell everyone is that in the summer, everyone should not eat a lot of cool food.

In the summer, many people will feel hot, so in order to be cool, they will eat a lot of cool food.

When people eat these cool foods in large quantities, although they have a short cool in the body, but after a long time, they will find that they are getting hot again, and the stomach will feel very uncomfortable, and there is a lot of cool air.

And everyone knows?

If you feel that there is already a lot of coolness in your stomach and your stomach is sore, it proves that the cold has already hurt your body.

If the situation is relatively light, it will make you feel the pain of abdominal pain. If the damage caused by the cold air is heavy, it will harm your stomach.

Causes body cold, especially for women, you can’t eat this in the summer, mainly because women’s physique is negative, so you need to eat some warm and hot foods if you need it daily.If you eat more cool food, it will make you cold.

The body cold causes more damage to the body. It is easy for someone to have irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, and even damage to the uterus and ovaries. Therefore, women should not be able to eat this in their daily life.

Second, don’t wear less clothes in the summer, so everyone’s clothes are often worn less, especially for some girls, in the summer, often wear some umbilical, off-the-shoulder clothes.

If the joint is cold, if it is worn in the hot weather, it will not cause any harm to the body, but if you often sit in an air-conditioned room, or if the weather outside suddenly becomes cold, thenUnder such circumstances, you will be exposed to the cold outside.

This is why some women always feel some pain in their legs, or they have pain in their shoulders. This is caused by not paying attention to keeping these parts warm every day.

Some people may be younger and younger. These pains are not a big deal, but what Xiaobian wants to say to you is that if you don’t care for your body when you are young, you will be tortured by these illnesses when you are old.Very painful.

With a thin jacket, for some people, you can put a thin coat on your side at ordinary times, you can wear it when the temperature changes, so that you can help yourself to maintain your body.

Third, do not transition to a bath in the summer there is a very good way to cool down, that is to take a bath.

During the bathing process, the hot water is used to remove the sweat from the accessories on the body, and after the shower, everyone will feel the whole body becomes very refreshing.

But what Xiaobian wants to say to everyone is that summer bathing itself is a good thing for health, but if you take a bath too much, it will seriously damage your health.

Take away the oil because the excessive bathing will take away the oil on the skin, and everyone knows that some oil on the skin is appropriate, which is equivalent to the protective layer on the skin, which can help the skin resist some bacteria in the royal family.

If you remove the oil from the skin, it will make the skin’s resistance lower, which makes it very easy to make the skin sensitive and allergic.

Taking away the water and over-bathing will take away the moisture present on the surface of the skin, which will make the skin very dry and easy to oil.

In summer, oily skin is a very easy thing to worry about, because the skin is easy to get acne when it is oily, and the whole person will be very uncomfortable. Therefore, when you take a bath in the summer, you must pay attention to controlling the degree of bathing.Don’t take a bath more than three times a day, otherwise there is no benefit to your health.

How to properly cool down 1 indoors, indoors, if conditions permit, it is a good choice to turn on the electric fan or air conditioner, but in the process of use, everyone should pay attention to control its temperature, do not put the temperature of the air conditionerThe opening is too low, otherwise you will feel insufficient when you go out because of the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor.

2, this kind of people should drink some water before going out, so that you can add water to your body, so that when you go out, it is not so easy to feel thirsty.

When you go out, everyone is best to bring a parasol or a visor, and it is best to carry a bottle of water with you. This way, you can help everyone cool down.