Repeated weight loss star is very hurting the stomach


Repeated weight loss star is very hurting the stomach

On the first day of September, an unfortunate news came that the popular actress of the “Chrysanthemum Fragrant” – Korean artist Zhang Zhenying died of stomach cancer, only 37 years old.

銆€銆€The stars seem to have entered a peak with cancer.

Starting from MCA and Zhao Lirong, the screen faces like neighbors and friends, such as Pavarotti, Anita Mui, Chen Xiaoxu, Luo Jing, Hou Yaowen, etc. have left us.

Gastric cancer has become the fourth biggest killer after heart disease, liver cancer and gynecological diseases.

Air Force, Oscar’s best foreign language film actor, German movie star Ulrich?

Mue, Taiwanese artist Xu Huafeng has all suffered from stomach cancer.

銆€銆€The artist’s business is originally a high-risk occupational field.

This has nothing to do with the lifestyle of the artists.

The so-called “lifestyle cancer” fully illustrates the close relationship between lifestyle and cancer.

Stars are prone to stomach cancer, mainly due to the following reasons: First, the diet is irregular.

Stomach disease is a conventional weapon that retaliates against people’s eating “not punctuality.”

In order to catch up, artists often thirsty and eat a meal.

Breakfast was hurriedly forgotten, lunch was simple to deal with, and it was eaten and drunk at night. After the filming, it was necessary to go “night”, and I went to the early morning without knowing it.

This diet schedule seriously undermines the level and regularity of the normal work of the human digestive system.

銆€銆€Second, repeated fattening and weight loss.

For the role needs, rapid fattening or losing weight in a short period of time becomes a compulsory course for artists.

Losing weight is the “career” of a female artist’s life, and dieting and even hunger strikes become the weight loss killer of some female artists.

After a long time, I lost weight, but I hurt my stomach.

Fertility is a project.

It’s going to come fast and go fast.

Think about the feeling of riding a roller coaster every day.

After a period of overeating, the rapid dripping does not enter, let the stomach sit on a roller coaster every day, how can it not dizzy?

銆€銆€Third, strong mental stress.

This is an era when you have pressure and I have pressure. The fast-paced life has a strong imprint in every urban person’s heart.

The entertainment circle is definitely a high-pressure zone.

Star depression, insomnia is no longer news.

For budgetary pressure, many artists choose to find comfort from tobacco and alcohol, medicine, which makes the stomach more difficult.

銆€銆€Behind the bright light, there is also a gray side that is unknown.

A good body is the foundation of a business and life. For family and friends, for fans, for entertainment, stars should cherish their stomachs and cherish their bodies.